Capital Equipment

Capital equipment is any surgical device, or tool purchased as an investment to the services of your clinic. It works as a noncurrent asset and is valued higher than the set mark of average office spending.

At ProNorth Medical, our capital equipment is durable, high quality, and long-lasting. With more than 35-years of experience servicing dental clinics, veterinary hospitals, and medical facilities, we not only offer the best equipment for the job, but we strive to meet budgets as well.

Medical Capital Equipment

Capital medical equipment includes a variety of tools and furnishings. At ProNorth Medical, we specialize in equipment for clinics, medical offices, and hospitals. Our selection of capital equipment medical devices includes:

Over-the-Patient Instrument Tables

For easy access to tools during medical examination and procedures. Over-the-patient instrument tables are designed for ergonomics. They allow you to sit with good posture while treating your patient, rather than bending to retrieve tools.

Instrument tables are designed for mobility, ease of access, and durability. This is a long-term investment built to last. ProNorth Medical understands the need for durable capital equipment. Our products are made to meet and exceed Canadian medical standards.

Surgical Lighting

Surgical lighting is critical to high-quality patient care. Poor lighting makes it difficult to perform medical tasks, but surgical lighting is more than a general light source. It is a local illumination for patient examination, aiding in precision during checkups and surgical procedures. Surgical lighting should be:

  • Mobile
  • Adjustable
  • Precise
  • Clear

You can count on our use of the highest quality materials and medical-grade designs to optimize your surgeries.

Saddle Stools

As one of the leading saddle stool suppliers in the industry, ProNorth Medical is serious about comfort. Our medical saddle stools are designed to increase blood circulation, prevent fatigue, and relieve back pain. These seats are proven to keep the spine positioned naturally, helping with muscle development and digestion.

Each of these pieces is vetted based on industry standards, longevity, and cost. For the price, request a quote from our team.

Dental Capital Equipment

Like medical equipment, dental capital equipment includes pieces critical to the functioning of a clinic.

Over the Patient Instrument Tables

Dentists, like doctors, benefit from the ergonomic design of over-the-patient instrument tables. As the patient is lying back, the tools are not in the way, and there’s no need to pause work to reach a piece of equipment. Instead, everything is within reach throughout the entire procedure.

Saddle Stools

Saddle stools come in a variety of colors to suit your dental clinic, including:

  • Purple
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Beige
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Gray

As leading saddle stool suppliers for dental clinics, ProNorth Medical chooses stools we would be comfortable sitting in. We understand the tight spaces and long hours make having the right seat important in a clinical setting. Our saddle stools are chosen based on ergonomics and functional design.

Mobile Dental Carts

Mobile dental carts need to do more than roll. They need to glide into place where needed, supply sturdy structures for small and large tools and have a wide surface.

Dentists may move from room to room during the day and our cart is designed to follow you. The mobility of these carts is also useful to quickly move dental instruments out of reach when treating a young patient.

Veterinary Capital Equipment

Working with animals requires much of the same equipment as other medical practices. Veterinary clinics buy capital equipment in a wide range of furnishings and tools, including:

Surgical Lights

ProNorth Medical offers multiple styles of surgical lighting. Choose everything from light intensity to focus to streamline medical procedures. Surgical lights offer illumination in surgical areas, making it easier for vets to see what they’re doing.

Surgical Tables

Surgical tables are a critical piece of equipment in any veterinary clinic and need to be:

  • Easy to sterilize
  • Mobile for use around the clinic
  • Able to raise and lower for ease of use

ProNorth Medical’s surgical tables are designed with animals and doctors in mind. Both for ease of access and ergonomic comfort. ProNorth Medical is consistently optimizing our products to meet changing standards in veterinary medicine.

Saddle Stools

Saddle stools are a necessary component of a veterinary clinic and give you a higher level of access to patients. Many animals are small in stature. Our saddle stools are easily raised and lowered depending on the patient and project.

Benefit from:

  • Even distribution of weight
  • Reduced discomfort
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Improved posture

Like medical and dental saddle stools, veterinary stools come in an assortment of colours to match decor and office themes.

Steam Sterilizers

Sterilization has long been an indispensable practice in medicine. Steam sterilizers streamline disinfectant processes, ensuring all equipment is clean and ready for use. Steam sterilizers have several advantages such as:

  • Long term value
  • Decreased time waste
  • Different settings for individual tasks and equipment
  • Economical over time

Buying a steam sterilizer saves your veterinary clinic money over time. As capital equipment, these machines are an investment and an asset to your clinic.

Mobile Veterinary Carts

Veterinarians require consistent access to tools and equipment while working. Pets often need a steady hand and quick reflexes. Having medical tools nearby and easily accessible is key to operating smoothly and providing consistent care.

Mobile veterinary carts are adjustable and easily glide across floors. ProNorth Medical offers different styles and sizes of medical dental carts, giving you the option to customize your office as needed.

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ProNorth Medical is proud to stand as one of Canada’s leading capital equipment suppliers. We are constantly monitoring changes in the medical, dental, and veterinary fields to ensure our equipment meets changing standards.

When you buy from ProNorth Medical, you buy Canadian-made products from a Canadian company. Serving Canadian medical practitioners with useful, high-quality, and affordable capital equipment is important to us.

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