• Capital Equipment

    Ergonomic Solutions, Operating Room Lights, Surgical Tables, Steam Sterilizers, Dental Carts and more.
  • Surgical Blades

    Discover the Unique Precision of Surgistar Blades, Sharpoint Micro Blades, Swann-Morton Blades and more essentials.
  • Instruments

    A Selection of Castro Needle Holders, Spay Kits, Micro Scissors, and more - designed for accuracy and performance.
  • Wound Closure

    Secure excellence in wound closure with our expertly curated range of Medical and Veterinary Sutures


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    Alex Burtinsky
    Office Manager
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    Matt Fransisco
  • “ProNorth Medical's customer service is held to an unmatched standard. Exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Really looking forward to continuing to work with them.”

    Anthony Markin
  • “Excellent prices and top notch customer service. We use them exclusively for our veterinary surgical stapling equipment.”

    Corey Pinel


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