Veterinary Equipment

ProNorth Medical is proud to be recognized as one of the leading veterinary equipment supplies in Canada. Our veterinary surgical supplies are vetted for durability, quality, and are competitively priced to support our North American veterinary clients.

From veterinary medical to veterinary dental supplies, ProNorth Medical offers a wide range of instruments and tools. Whether you are opening a new clinic and need to build your medical and veterinary supplies from the ground up, or you’re an established clinic looking for a new supplier of veterinary instruments, we can help.

Some of the equipment ProNorth Medical specializes in includes:

Veterinary Surgical Sutures

Veterinary surgical sutures come in several styles and materials, such as:

  • Polydioxanone
  • Nylopro
  • Doxipro
  • Visipro
  • Monopro
  • Polypropylene

Sutures are sorted by absorbable or non absorbable uses for veterinarians. You can select the right suture based on colour code, material, strength, and whether it is monofilament or braided. Common colour codes include:

  • Grey: Absorbable long term monofilament
  • Pink: Absorbable medium term monofilament
  • Violet: Absorbable braided medium term
  • Green: Nonabsorbable monofilament

In veterinary medicine, small gauges are chosen to speed healing and reduce tissue trauma. Firm suture materials are required to prevent tearing.

Hand Instruments

Hand instruments are used in hand to perform a variety of medical tasks in veterinary clinics. We offer several styles of handheld veterinary surgical supplies, including:

  • Winged luxating elevators
  • Non-winged luxating elevators
  • Hemostatic forceps
  • Needle drivers
  • Needle holders
  • Curved iris scissors
  • Extracting forceps
  • Root forceps
  • Suture scissors

We also supply periosteal tools, round handle scalpel blade holders, and more.

Capital Equipment

Capital equipment is any veterinary equipment purchased as an investment above the set price of standard equipment. These items are made to last and used for a minimum of 1-year or more in a vet clinic. Capital equipment includes several types of equipment, medical-grade furniture, and machinery. ProNorth Medical supplies capital equipment options such as:

Dental Tables

Stainless steel dental tables are durable and strong for holding patient weight while performing dental procedures. An electric lifting base makes our dental tables easy to adjust, while a flat grid surface helps pets feel sturdy where they sit or stand.

Surgical Lighting

Surgical lighting is critical for any veterinary clinic, even when performing standard checkups. Surgical lights provide a focused area of light where physicians need better clarity or intense concentration. We offer several styles, sizes, and strengths of illumination depending on your clinic size, and procedure type.

Saddle Stools

Saddle stools are designed for comfort and functionality. Compact, mobile, and ergonomic, you can sit on a saddle stool and reduce lower back pain, improve circulation, and improve posture as you work. Saddle stools come in a variety of colours.

Dental Alpha HV

ProNorth Medical is thrilled to offer veterinarians the Dental Alpha HV. This top-of-the-line dental equipment includes a variety of tools and functions for cleaning pet’s teeth including an ultrasonic scaler, high-speed push drill, and low-speed polisher.

Over the Patient Instrument Tables

Over the patient instrument tables give you access to all your medical veterinary supplies without the need to bend, stoop, or leave the patient. The cart sits over the surgical table, allowing for greater comfort and preparedness.

Surgical Blades

Surgical blades are used in a variety of procedures. For veterinarians, the most common procedures tend to be spaying, neutering, skin growths, and dental procedures. ProNorth Medical offers several surgical blade shapes and sizes. These are determined by number. Some common numbers used by vets include:

#10: Similar to a #20, the #10 blade is suited to large animals, and is used for subcutaneous tissue and skin incisions with its curved blade.

#11: The #11 surgical blade has a short narrow tip for stab incisions useful in mucous membrane surgeries.

#12: With a hooked tip, the #12 blade is suited to removing sutures. It is also good for dental surgeries as it allows for greater reach in narrow spaces.

#15: This is the most popular surgical blade among veterinarians for its small, curved blade. It is useful for small incisions across a variety of areas, including cysts, lesions, and coronary incisions.

We partner with veterinarians across the country and can walk you through the blades needed for different tasks. We can also help you pair your chosen blades with the right handle.


ProNorth Medical stocks skin and 3-row vascular staplers for veterinarians. Our staplers are designed for quick wound sealing, reduced risk of skin irritation, low chance of leaks, and enhanced healing.

Our staplers are designed for easy one-hand operation, so veterinarians can hold animals or additional medical tools when needed.

Loupes and Safety Glasses

Veterinary loupes and safety glasses protect your eyes, enhance your vision, and offer accessories, such as our Rose LED light kits. Choose from trusted brands like:

  • Rayban
  • Oakley
  • Gargoyle
  • Rose
  • Dickies

Safety glasses come in orange, green, and black frames, with options for clear or smoke-colored glass.

Instrument Cassettes

Instrument cassettes are used to store and sanitize veterinary surgical supplies. We offer cassettes in 5,10, 15, or 20 compartments. Our cassettes are designed with anti-rust stainless steel for durability and sterilization.

Instrument cassettes reduce the risk of injury during instrument cleaning and provide faster processing results.


Along with the many standard medical and veterinary supplies, ProNorth Medical offers specialized veterinary instruments. We understand that no two veterinary clinics are the same and we stock supplies to customize your clinics for unique circumstances. Some special veterinary instruments we offer include:

  • Steam sterilizers with drying compressors
  • Strong grip extraction forceps
  • Angled and straight extraction forceps
  • Level 1 and level 3 isolation gowns
  • Surgical retractors
  • Peristome sets

Not seeing something you need? Let us know. We are constantly optimizing our inventory to meet client needs and the evolving industry standards.

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ProNorth Medical opened its doors in 2011 and has been working with medical professionals, dentists, and veterinarians ever since. It’s important to us that our work reaches Canadians, and their pets, across the country, improving lives and ensuring safe, reliable, sterile healthcare instruments are available.

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