By Trevor Horne

Top Benefits Of Wearing Dental Loupes

Dental loupes, as most dentists know, are essential and critical dental instruments when doing a medical examination of the oral cavity. Dentists wearing dental loupes are able to see even the smallest features on the teeth and gums. This in turn enables him or her to detect small abnormalities such as cracks on the teeth or tiny sores on the gum.

In this article, we examine how dental loupes work and why you will want to use one during your next medical exam.

What They Are

These are magnifying glasses that help to enlarge the view of the dentist when he or she is doing a medical examination. By magnifying the field of view, dentists are able to see even the small features. Modern loupes are able to magnify the field of vision by as much as 8 times, allowing for better detection of any abnormalities. Vision is nothing without light and most modern dental loupes also feature a white strobe of light that helps to light up the area where the dentist is examining. All said, loupes allow for more accurate dental exams, which in turn leads to better health outcomes.

Why Use Dental Loupes

As all dentists know, accuracy in diagnosis and treatment is one of the crucial elements when it comes to dental health. This means that by facilitating better diagnosis of dental problems, loupes are able to lead to better health outcomes for patients. Loupes are also able to help cosmetic dentists match the color of fillings and implants to the actual color of the teeth. By enhancing the field of view, the dentist is able to contrast and match teeth’ color better.

Loupes are also helpful to the health of the dentist. Before they were adopted by the medical world, dentists used to suffer from neck problems due to the constant need to bend in order to examine teeth closely. Thanks to loupes, dentists can now sit upright and still have an excellent view of the mouth that they are examining.

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