By Trevor Horne

The Importance Of N95 Respirators For Dentists

N95 respirators are important personal protective equipment that helps prevent both the dentist and the patient from cross-contamination. While these were important in the past, they have assumed new significance with the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of its effort to combat the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the  US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requires all patients undergoing aerosol-generating dental procedures, in areas with moderate or substantial community transmission of COVID-19 to wear N95 respirators. 

The pandemic has brought into sharp perspective the danger that dentists face when carrying out dental exams and procedures. This has revived the debate as to whether face masks and especially the N95 respirator should be standard during all dental procedures. Read on further to learn more.

N95 Respirator

This is a type of PPE that protects the wearer from contaminants in the air. Unlike a face mask, the N95 respirator offers a closer fit, ensuring that gaps between the face and the mask are effectively sealed for better protection. The N95 respirator also protects the patient from droplets of saliva from the dentist’s mouth which may also be a source of infection. This means that the dentist can talk freely to the patient without worrying that droplets of moisture could carry infection to the patient.

Proper Use of N95 Respirators

If you do not use the N95 respirator effectively, there is a chance that you will not get the protection that you deserve. This means that when you are purchasing your N95 respirators, you should ensure that they are a good fit on your face in order to offer you maximum protection. You must also take into account some facial features that may reduce the effectiveness of the respirator. For example, beards and other facial hair may open up gaps between the mask and your face, creating a possible entry point for pathogens. 

It is also important that removing the N95 respirator correctly is just as important as wearing it. This is because any pathogens on the surface of the respirator can be introduced to your hands if you touch the mask with your hands. For this reason, always remove the N95 respirator via the two bands that hold it against your ears. If you accidentally touch the surface of your N95 respirator, ensure that you have washed or sanitized your hands.

Get The Right Quality

An N95 respirator is as good as the quality of material that is used to make it. This means that when sourcing for such respirators, it pays to go to a company that has a good track record when it comes to top-quality medical supplies. Poor quality N95 respirators for example are prone to having their bands come off or the air filter not working properly.

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