• LuminaPro Dual Dome Surgical LED 500D
  • LuminaPro Dual Dome Surgical LED 500D
  • LuminaPro Dual Dome Surgical LED 500D
  • LuminaPro Dual Dome Surgical LED 500D
  • LuminaPro Dual Dome Surgical LED 500D

LuminaPro Dual Dome Surgical LED 500D

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Type: Double Dome Ceiling Surgical Light

Brightness: Each dome 4,000 to 120,000 lux, adjustable in 100 stages

Color Temperature: 4000K to 5000K

Spot Diameter: Each dome 180mm to 280mm, adjustable

CRI: >90 for vivid color reproduction

Lighting Depth: >1100mm for each dome

LEDs: 54 Osram LEDs per dome

Energy Usage: 3W rated, <1W actual per LED

Modes: Standard, endoscope, low-light

Voltage: AC 100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz

Control: Keypad controller

Mounting Height: 2.75m to 3m; 360° rotation

Power Supply: MSP-100-24

Dual-Dome Versatility: Double the illumination coverage with two adjustable domes, ensuring no shadow or blind spot disrupts critical surgical procedures.

Precision Lighting Control: Tailor brightness and focus seamlessly to suit any operating condition, enhancing visual acuity and surgical precision.

Energy Efficient: Exceptional illumination with minimal energy use promotes a greener operation room and reduces overhead costs.

User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive keypad controls allow for swift adjustments, simplifying operation without breaking sterility.

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LuminaPro Dual Dome Surgical LED 500D


    Achieve perfect visibility with dual domes each offering up to 120,000 lux, fully adjustable for precision lighting in complex procedures.

    Match the operative field's natural hues with adjustable color temperatures from 4000K to 5000K, enhancing tissue differentiation.

    Conserve energy without compromising on performance—each LED uses less than 1W, making it a cost-effective solution for any facility.

    Unrestricted 360° dome rotation allows for complete control and placement, ensuring optimal illumination from any angle.


The LuminaPro Dual Dome Surgical LED 500D is the pinnacle of surgical lighting solutions, featuring two independently adjustable domes that deliver up to 120,000 lux each. With customizable color temperatures and a comprehensive range of motion, this system ensures optimal visibility and energy efficiency, supporting the most demanding surgical environments.

Dual Illumination, Singular Focus:

Step into the future of surgical lighting with the LuminaPro Dual Dome Surgical LED 500D. Designed for intricate operations, this advanced lighting system offers dual dome flexibility, exceptional color accuracy, and adjustable intensity for a clear, focused surgical field. Ideal for any procedure requiring precision and adaptability.