If you are a medical professional who is searching for the best non-absorbent sutures in the market today, you have come to the right place. At ProNorth Medical Corporation, we provide some of the best suture products that are manufactured by trusted and reliable brands such as LOOK. Over the years, countless patients and surgeons have benefitted from using LOOK PTFE 821B sutures because of how soft and effective they are. They are made out of synthetic materials that allow for fantastic handling and a wide variety of different procedures. These sutures are popular with surgical specialties that include any kind of soft tissue approximation, most open dental surgeries, and bone grafting. 

Furthermore, one of the key concerns in any surgery is maintaining a certain level of sterility. LOOK PTFE 821B sutures help to prevent bacterial wicking into surgical sites to ensure efficient recovery of the patient. Patients have also stated that they prefer these PTFE sutures because they offer comfort that cannot be attained with other kinds of sutures. 

Key LOOK PTFE 821B Features

  • Suitable for periodontal procedures
  • Great handling features 
  • Close to no package memory 
  • Excellent Knot security 

If you have any questions about LOOK PTFE 821B, do not hesitate to contact us today.