• PrecisionEdge™ Castroviejo Micro Scissors  (17.75cm, 16cm, 14cm)
  • PrecisionEdge™ Castroviejo Micro Scissors  (17.75cm, 16cm, 14cm)
  • PrecisionEdge™ Castroviejo Micro Scissors  (17.75cm, 16cm, 14cm)
  • PrecisionEdge™ Castroviejo Micro Scissors  (17.75cm, 16cm, 14cm)
  • PrecisionEdge™ Castroviejo Micro Scissors  (17.75cm, 16cm, 14cm)
  • PrecisionEdge™ Castroviejo Micro Scissors  (17.75cm, 16cm, 14cm)

PrecisionEdge™ Castroviejo Micro Scissors (17.75cm, 16cm, 14cm)

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Sizes and Weights: 17.75cm (36 grams), 16cm (30 grams), 14cm (23 grams)

Blade Length: 12.7mm

Design: Sharp-sharp edge

Blades: Available in curved and straight designs

Material: High-grade stainless steel

Handle: Ergonomic design with streamlined shape

Grip: Anti-slip for secure handling

Sterilization: Fully autoclavable

Precision Blades: Curved blades for intricate cutting and access to hard-to-reach areas, and straight blades for precise linear cuts.

Durable Construction: Made from stainless steel, offering resistance to corrosion and ensuring longevity.

Ergonomic Handling: Designed to reduce hand fatigue with an ergonomic, lightweight, and streamlined handle.

Enhanced Control: Anti-slip grip integrated into the handle for superior control and stability during procedures.

Versatile Sizes: Available in three sizes to accommodate different surgical needs and preferences.

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PrecisionEdge™ Castroviejo Micro Scissors (17.75cm, 16cm, 14cm)


    Enhance control and comfort with our ergonomic handles, designed to reduce fatigue and improve precision.

    Master all surgical scenarios with the dual functionality of curved and straight blades, designed for precision and adaptability.

    Tungsten Carbide - Designed for maximum durability and sustained precision, ensuring consistent performance and superior control in every procedure.

    Ensure optimal hygiene with our easily sterilizable instruments, designed for safety and repeated use.


The PrecisionEdge™ Castroviejo Micro Scissors from ProNorth Medical redefine surgical cutting with their unmatched precision and ergonomic design. Whether opting for the curved blades for intricate cuts or straight blades for clean linear incisions, these scissors are engineered to meet the diverse needs of delicate surgical procedures. Constructed from high-grade stainless steel and designed with the user in mind, they offer comfort, control, and durability. Available in multiple sizes and both curved and straight blade options, the PrecisionEdge™ scissors are a versatile and indispensable tool in the surgical suite, ensuring precision and safety in every cut. Autoclavable for repeated use, they are a reliable choice for medical professionals seeking the highest quality in surgical instruments.

Unlock the Edge: Advantages of PrecisionEdge™

Surgical Precision: Sharp-sharp design and choice of curved or straight blades allow for exact cuts and access to complex surgical sites.

User Comfort: Ergonomically designed to minimize hand fatigue, enabling prolonged use without discomfort.

Enhanced Safety: The anti-slip grip ensures the scissors remain stable in the hand, reducing the risk of accidental slips.

Adaptable for Various Procedures: With multiple sizes and blade options, these scissors are suitable for a wide range of surgical applications.

Durability and Hygiene: Stainless steel construction and autoclavability ensure a durable, hygienic tool that withstands the demands of frequent use.