6-0 GUT PLA" YELLOWISH TAN 1X18" G-1 | 774G

$399.99 $379.00

6-0 GUT PLAIN Suture in YELLOWISH TAN with G-1 Needle: The Premier Choice for Seamless Wound Closure

When precision meets efficiency, the outcome is the GUT PLAIN 6-0 suture, crafted meticulously for surgeons and dental professionals demanding the best. Designed for unparalleled reliability in wound closure, its features speak volumes of its impeccable quality.

Key Highlights:

  • Superior Brand: GUT PLAIN – A name synonymous with excellence in surgical materials.
  • Vivid Visibility: The YELLOWISH TAN hue stands out, ensuring effortless suture tracing during intricate procedures.
  • Tailored Dimensions: A versatile 6-0 suture size paired with a standard 18-inch length makes it apt for varied surgical applications.
  • Swift Healing: With an ABSORBABLE nature and a consistent 70-day absorption rate, it promises accelerated wound recovery.
  • Precision Personified: The SILVER G-1 needle, measuring 11mm, facilitates flawless, pinpoint penetrations.
  • Directed Design: UNIDIRECTIONAL structure ensures impeccable wound alignment and secure closure.
  • Kind to Tissue: The CUTTING EDGE REVERSE point minimizes tissue trauma, laying the foundation for optimal healing.
  • Generously Packed: Each box contains 12 units, each with an 18-inch strand, ensuring you're prepared for any surgical eventuality.
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