6-0 PLAIN GUT 18" G-1 Needle | 774G

6-0 PLAIN GUT 18" G-1 Needle | 774G

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Suture Material: GUT PLAIN
Suture Size: 6-0, ideal for delicate and precise surgical requirements
Suture Length: 18 inches (45 cm), versatile for various surgical needs
Needle Type: G-1, Cutting Edge Reverse, for minimal tissue damage
Needle Length: 11 mm, providing precision in every incision
Quantity per Box: 12 sutures, ensuring ample supply for multiple procedures
Color: YELLOWISH TAN, enhancing operational visibility
Absorption Rate: Approximately 70 days, aligning with natural healing processes

precision, visibility, and rapid healing are paramount.

Minimized Patient Discomfort: The cutting edge reverse needle design and absorbable material contribute to a smoother, faster healing process.

Ample Supply for Professional Needs: Each box contains 12 units, ready to meet the demands of various surgical scenarios.

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6-0 PLAIN GUT 18" G-1 Needle | 774G


    Designed for consistent performance, ensuring reliable wound closure and effective healing.

    Designed for fast enzymatic degradation within 70 days, suitable for situations requiring temporary tissue support.

    The YELLOWISH TAN color significantly improves visibility, ensuring precise suture placement during procedures
  • G-1 NEEDLE

    Features a SILVER, 11mm precision needle for accurate and effortless penetration, reducing tissue trauma.


    The 6-0 GUT PLAIN Suture with G-1 Needle stands as a beacon of surgical precision and efficiency. Tailored for medical professionals who prioritize quality and performance, this suture merges traditional craftsmanship with innovative design. Whether in the surgical theater or dental clinic, its distinctive features and superior construction ensure that every procedure benefits from enhanced visibility, reduced tissue trauma, and optimal healing conditions, solidifying its place as an indispensable tool in modern medical practice.