4-0 PolySyn 18" P-3 | G464N


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The extraordinarily smooth and low friction proprietary coating of the Polysyn G464N reduces tissue drag, allowing precise and effective use for doctors and dentists alike. The sutures are absorbable, and you can expect absorption to be fully complete between 49 and 63 days. The Polysyn G464N sutures are available either undyed or violet braided with violet filament.

If you require sutures of different dimensions or needles of different lengths, feel free to browse through our wide selection of sutures. Over its history of 10 years, ProNorth Medical Corporation has closely worked with and built a strong base of customers consisting of healthcare professionals. Here, we handpick and select the best products that are easy-to-use, and then bring them to you at affordable prices. Come shop with us now!

Below is a non-exhaustive list of details and features of the Polysyn G464N.

Key Polysyn G464N Features

  • 4-0 Grade (1.5 metric)
  • Violet Braided Coated Polyglycolic Acid
  • 3/8c (13mm) Fine Reverse Cutting
  • Synthetic Absorbable
  • Absorption completes between 49 and 63 days
  • In Vivo Strength Retention of 48% at 7 days, 0% at 14 days

If you need more information or have questions about the Polysyn G464N, feel free to contact us today!

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