3-0 Visipro Pink Monofilament 30" FS-2 | F8665


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The healthcare sector has a constant, ever-growing need for medical supplies. Medical tools and accessories of the highest quality are here for you to obtain from ProNorth Medical Corporation. We provide outstanding healthcare products which are priced competitively. Our goal is to provide ready access to top-notch medical equipment and accessories to different healthcare institutions at reduced rates as compared to various competitors from the commercial market. This will assist medical organizations in saving money while prioritizing other financial objectives of their individual facilities. ProNorth Medical Corporation aims to help medical institutions with their daily problems that may hinder their efforts in optimizing patient experience.

VISIPRO is a non-absorbable surgical suture made of a single, continuous strand that is composed of the compound, polypropylene. This is an artificial linear polyolefin which is dyed in fluorescent red. A surgical suture is a sterile thread that repairs lacerations and closes incisions obtained from surgeries.

Key Features of Visipro F8665

  • Consistent diameter.
  • Reduced fraying and minimal memory.
  • Easy tissue passage supported by a smooth surface.
  • Easy suture visualization when exposed to a black light.
  • Excellent and consistent flattened knot security.

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