By Trevor Horne

Why You Should Leave Medical Instrument Sharpening Tasks To The Professionals

In order for medical personnel like doctors, surgeons, dentists and more to be able to perform medical procedures with accuracy and precision, it is important for medical instruments to be in the best condition possible. With sharpened medical instruments, it is a lot easier to perform procedures that involve cutting. However, tools need to be sharpened regularly for it to maintain its ease of use. The best way to ensure that your medical instruments are sharpened regularly is to outsource the sharpening of medical instruments to professionals. Surgical instruments should be held at the highest quality standards of iso 13485:2016.  Read on to find out why!

Helps to Save Time

By outsourcing the sharpening of instruments to a reliable provider, medical offices are able to ensure that all staff can focus on providing quality medical services. This prevents employees from getting distracted if they have to handle sharpening the equipment within the medical office on a weekly or monthly basis. An example is surgical scissors. The cutting edge of a pair of scissors is the intersection of the inner surface and cutting surface. Over time, the edges become rounded and eventually the scissors become blunt. Blunt scissors may lead to wound contusion and hinder wound healing, which is why it’s necessary to sharpen surgical tools. Furthermore, employees are likely to take a longer time as compared to a provider who has the relevant skills and is able to efficiently sharpen instruments. Hence, professionals are likely able to sharpen the tools in less time and produce better results. Professional service providers also have access to guides and honing devices, which significantly speeds up the medical instrument sharpening process.

Reduce Costs Incurred

If a medical provider intends to sharpen their own tools, they will need to invest in the necessary items required to get the job done, including oils, sharpening stones and more. All these materials are expensive. By outsourcing the sharpening of instruments, medical providers can save on such costs. Furthermore, if employees of a medical office are required to stop their work and spend time sharpening tools by hand, it could reduce productivity, which results in a drop in income due to unexpected delays. Hence, outsourcing the sharpening work can help staff remain productive while reducing costs incurred by medical providers as they will not need to invest in their own materials. 

Happier and More Productive Staff 

Sharpening tools is not an easy task. If staff are not properly trained or lack the appropriate knowledge to carry out the sharpening tasks, it can get incredibly infuriating and frustrating. A lot of times, the sharpening work may get delayed or left till the end of the day, which means staff will have to spend their free time on sharpening these tools. This can make employees unhappy and upset. By outsourcing the sharpening of instruments, it can help employees focus on their more pressing work at hand, while relieving them of the burden of having to sharpen their tools by themselves.

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