By Trevor Horne

Everything You Want To Know About Surgicel

Surgicel has been around for a very long time since 1947 and is an absorbable hemostat that is made out of plant matter. Surgery is made by controlling oxidation conditions of regenerated cellulose.  With the Surgicel dressing, medical staff are able to control the bleeding of a patient both during and after the surgery. It is effective because the cellulose polymer breaks down upon placement on an open wound. In addition, it can help reduce infection by lowering the pH of the area. Surgicel dressing can be used outside of the dressing room to treat bleeding and facilitate coagulation in wounds.

How is Sugicel Used?

Often, a Surgicel hemostat is used during surgeries, especially surgeries that are either maxillofacial or oral in nature. Its main purpose is to control the amount of bleeding. In certain cases like newborn circumcision, where pressure alone is insufficient to stop or control bleeding in the surgical site, Surgicel hemostat can be used. As bleeding is unpreventable in a surgery, severe perioperative or postoperative anemia can occur if it is not controlled with Surgicel. It is usually used in venous, capillary or artery hemorrhage when some surgical methods like ligation used to control bleeding are not effective. As Surgicel dressing is versatile and effective in many different occasions or scenarios, many surgeons and medical staff turn to this dressing frequently. There are many different sizes of Surgicel dressing that can be found on the market, which makes it suitable for many different types of needs and situations. At ProNorth Medical, you can find Surgicel Hemostats that measure 0.5 in x 2 in.

How does Surgicel Work?

The Surgicel dressing will primarily meld into wound’s damaged tissues. As a hemostat that is absorbable, the Surgicel dressing will be able to help coagulate blood temporarily in order to reduce the amount of bleeding and minimize any complications that may arise during or after the surgery, till the damaged tissue recovers. Furthermore, since the dressing is flexible, it is able to quickly form clots and is very user friendly for the surgeon, helping them do things in a shorter amount of time. Medical professionals can even reposition the hemostat without it sticking to their trocars or other instruments. Surgicel can also function as a kind of scaffolding to help guide blood clotting. Once Surgicel is highly saturated with blood, it becomes a black, gluey substance to aid blood clotting. The amount of absorption ultimately depends on the tissue site, blood saturation level and so on. The key component in a Surgicel dressing is cellulose. The dressing contains cellulose polymers called polyanhydro glucuronic acid, which will break down when it comes into contact with moisture. This makes the cellulose become more acidic, which is important in helping to fight off and prevent infection from occurring. A more acidic environment can help to prevent the growth of bacteria, and any bacteria present in that area will automatically die or become less active.

Why is Surgicel Such a Popular Choice?

Surgicel is a straightforward and easy solution as it can be used right out of the box, without any additional preparation or application. This dressing can be placed directly on an open vessel or wound to reduce bleeding, and no treatment of the dressing is required. Thanks to the dense ORC (oxidized regenerated cellulose) materials, Surgicel hemostats can be secured in continuous or heavy bleeding situations. Furthermore, this hemostat is absorbable, which means that the body will naturally absorb it over a period of eight weeks. This makes it fuss-free, and is an ideal product for both patients and surgeons due to its seamless integration and ease of use. Surgicel has also been proven to facilitate faster hemostasis, and has strong adherence to damaged tissues. Surgicel is also bactericidal and is able to eliminate gram negative and gram positive bacteria, whether anaerobic or aerobic bacteria.

ProNorth Medical Corporation Offers Surgicel

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