By Trevor Horne

Guide To Finding The Right Medical Facemask

With facemasks being a staple in many households today, the question arises: How do you find the best facemask for your purposes and your budget? Does a budget-friendly, disposable medical facemask automatically mean it is lower quality? Next time you decide to purchase protective face coverings, how do you know ahead of time what you should look for? The following information should be helpful.

According to Medical Experts

If you're shopping for a box of disposable facemasks, medical experts have weighed in and offer the following advice to keep in mind:

  • Try not to worry quite so much about the price. You are not guaranteed better protection just because some disposable facemasks are more expensive than others.
  • Look for a different option if you aren't experiencing a good fit from the disposable facemask you try on. It should fit comfortably but snugly around your chin, mouth, and nose. It's the wrong mask for you if it starts to slip. Why? Because the virus can potentially spread due to the fact that the wearer of a loose mask will want to touch their face and the mask, constantly attempting adjustment.
  • An adjustable nose piece is something to look for. When you sneeze, cough, or breathe, the wire or clip will help keep particles in. Additionally, it can help avoid the problem of your glasses fogging up.
  • An inner lining is included in some masks. This is a good option. The lining offers antibacterial and moisture wicking properties.

Disposable Face Mask Types

Ordinarily, three distinct types of masks are referred to when someone talks about a disposable facemask. The following are disposable face mask types:

  • Nonmedical disposable facemasks
  • N95 facemasks
  • Medical grade facemasks

Disposable Medical Facemasks Have Benefits and Limitations

Limitations of disposable facemasks:

  • Because they are single use, they can end up being more expensive than reusable masks.
  • Depending on local needs and medical facility shortages and surges, in certain areas, supplies may be limited.
  • Because they were not made to be re-worn, they create more waste.

Benefits of disposable facemasks:

  • Moisture retention is minimal to nonexistent (this lowers the risk of infection).
  • Before you use them, you don't have to wash them.
  • The chance of degradation as a result of physical stress is lessened. You don't have to be quite so concerned about wear and tear with disposable masks.
  • The chance of cross-contamination is prevented.
  • When it comes to protecting others, compared to cloth masks, medical grade disposable masks are superior.

When to Change Your Mask

Someone always asks: When should I change out a disposable facemask? The key word here is "disposable". What if you only wear it for a quick trip to the grocery store. What if you wear it all day, during an eight-hour shift? Can the mask be worn again? 

Recommendations by the Infectious Diseases Society of America state the following: Common sense plays a big role here. If your mask is visibly dirty, it must be changed out. Once it's dirty or wet, it's less protective.

Keep in mind that every time you handle the mask, you run the risk of contaminating it. If you put on a mask you've already worn, you're putting on a mask that could have contaminants on its surface. Do you want to take that risk?

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