By Trevor Horne

Top ProNorth Medical Products to Purchase this Black Friday

Black Friday is creeping upon us once again, and if you are looking to score some great healthcare buys, ProNorth Medical Products has got some high-value options for you. We will be running a sale from 26th November to 29th November – watch out for these great deals in our online shop!

Saddle Stool

Saddle-style stools, also known as saddle stools and saddle chairs, are useful for facilitating the correct movement of the hips and building abdominal and leg muscles. Increasing muscle activation and preserving the lumbar curve, saddle stools force the user into an upright sitting position, stabilizing the pelvis. It also comes with benefits for blood circulation and reduces the fatigue you can experience after a period of prolonged seating. This saddle stool can be highly beneficial for individuals who are working in the healthcare and medical field, especially for those who spend long hours sitting down and working on their patients, such as dental care professionals. This product will help you to maintain good spinal health by putting your body into positions of good posture. Healthcare and medical professionals who are looking to get stools for use in their practices can snag a great deal with us on Black Friday.

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Dental, Medical and Veterinary Sutures

Looking to stock up on the sutures in your healthcare establishment this Black Friday? ProNorth Medical Products is running a sale on all types of sutures in our online shop: dental, medical and veterinary. Whether you are looking for absorbable or non-absorbable sutures, you can find something to suit your needs in our extensive collection. We stock sutures made of an assortment of materials to suit the different medical applications you need them for.

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Soft Brushing Kit

Every dentist will have a select few patients who are terrified of their annual visit. Provide your patients with a pain-free and stress-free dental experience with this soft brushing kit. This set of six tools is made from 100% French steel and is made to brush softly against the periosteum. With reduced stiffness, you can achieve tension-free coverage over augmented sites and advance your patients’ flaps by up to 3cm. This item will be on sale during our Black Friday campaign, while stocks last! When you are using this soft brushing kit from ProNorth Medical Products, your frightened patients will have absolutely no reason to be frightened at all. Their stress-free dental experience will bring them back to your clinic if they ever require any dental work again in the future.

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Surgical Retractor

Surgical retractors are handy tools for holding tissues above the surgical site open, giving surgeons access to the area they need to work on. With different sizes and shapes available depending on the areas of usage, surgical retractors allow surgeons to work hands-free. These tools are constructed from durable material and easy to sterilize. Grab them at a one-for-one price during our Black Friday sale and stock up on the tools your veterinary practice needs. ProNorth Medical Products can provide you with surgical retractors of the highest quality, so if you are looking for durability and effectiveness, hesitate no longer! Get your surgical retractors from us!

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Isolation Gowns

Isolation gowns are essential for healthcare workers in surgical settings to prevent direct contact with infectious solid or liquid substances. Level I gowns are perfect for protecting both the wearer and their patients from the transmission of germs, making them highly useful for infection control purposes. In light of the ongoing pandemic, hospitals and clinics may be looking to stock up on these gowns – and what better time to do so than with our Buy One Get One sale?

Level III isolation gowns come with reinforced seams and are worn during surgical or medical procedures that come with moderate risk of infection. Healthcare professionals who work in emergency rooms will need to don Level III gowns when handling procedures such as inserting IV lines for trauma patients. Also available as part of our BOGO Black Friday promotion, be sure to mark your calendars and stock up when the time comes!

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Extracting Forceps

Extracting forceps help to remove unwanted elements from your patient’s bodies. Such elements could take the form of extracted teeth or dead tissue. ProNorth Medical Products can provide you with extracting forceps that are designed with durability and precision in mind, so that you will be able to extract objects from your patients’ bodies accurately and with ease.

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Micro Surgery Sets

Micro surgery sets are very important in medical procedures because there are numerous occasions on which surgeons operate on places in the body that require an extreme amount of care in handling, such as the cardiovascular and nervous regions of the body. This micro surgery set from ProNorth Medical Products will provide you with the precision and balance that you will need to carry out the most delicate medical procedures.

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Surgical Blades

Surgical blades are a very important tool in surgical operations because the vast majority of surgical procedures require some sort of cutting into the body. Some parts of the body may be rather difficult to cut into, and other parts are incredibly delicate and would require a great deal of precision. ProNorth Medical Products can provide you with surgical blades that are not only sharp, strong, and able to cut through the toughest tissue with ease, but that are also extremely helpful in surgical procedures requiring high amounts of precision.

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Over the Patient Instrument Table

Over the patient insturment table sale

Dentists and periodontists use the ProNorth Over the Patient Instrument Table to easily access their tools during dental procedures. The top surface of this instrument table measures 35” long and 32” wide, making it the perfect size to hold all dental tools for teeth cleanings, checkups, and more advanced dental, periodontal, or orthodontic procedures. This instrument table aids with procedure organization and helps provide easy access to instruments during dental procedures. It also comes with wheels, making it easy to transport around the office and move as needed. Now back in stock, the ProNorth Over the Patient Instrument Table is available for purchase as a part of our Black Friday special!

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This Black Friday, it’s time to snag a deal in our collection of sale items and replenish the inventory at your dental, medical or veterinary practice. Besides the items featured above, other items on sale include extracting forceps, micro surgery sets, surgical blades and more. Sale prices are available while stocks last only – so make sure to grab a bargain this Black Friday!

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