• Image showing the packaging of the 3-0 VILET® Violet 18" Braided Suture with FS-1 Needle (V452), detailing the suture size, material, length, and needle type, designated for veterinary use, by Riverpoint Medical.
  • Close-up view of the 3-0 VILET® Violet Braided Suture with FS-1 Needle (V452) in its sterile packaging, emphasizing the suture's specifications and sterile status, prepared for veterinary surgical use
  • Photograph featuring the 3-0 VILET® Violet 18" FS-1 Needle (V452) box next to its open sterile packaging, illustrating the product's specifications and readiness for use in veterinary surgical practices, produced by Riverpoint Medical

3-0 VILET Violet 30" FS-1 Needle | V452

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Suture Type: Synthetic Absorbable

Suture Material: Coated Polyglactin 910, Violet Braided

Suture Size: 3-0 (Metric Size 2.0)

Suture Length: 18 inches (45 cm)

Needle Type: FS-1, Reverse Cutting

Needle Length: 24 mm

Wound Support: Up to 4 Weeks

Optimal Absorption Rate: Specially designed for rapid tissue support and absorption within 4 weeks, effectively reducing long-term tissue reaction.

Enhanced Visibility: The violet-colored braided suture material improves visibility during surgical procedures, aiding in precise suture placement.

Exceptional Tissue Compatibility: Polyglactin 910 material is used for its superior tissue compatibility, promoting faster healing with minimal inflammation.

Precision Cutting Needle: The FS-1 reverse cutting needle is engineered for precise penetration and cutting, minimizing tissue trauma while ensuring strong wound closure.

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3-0 VILET Violet 30" FS-1 Needle | V452


    The FS-1 needle is a precision-crafted tool designed for smooth penetration and minimal tissue trauma, making it ideal for delicate surgical applications

    Polyglactin 910 composition ensures reduced inflammation and optimal healing, embodying the highest standards for veterinary care.

    Features high-visibility violet braiding, making it the go-to suture for precision in the U.S. veterinary field.

    Renowned for advanced absorption that aligns perfectly with animal healing times.


      The VILET 3-0 Violet Braided Suture with FS-1 Needle (V452) is a premium suture choice for veterinary medicine, produced by Riverpoint Medical in Portland, OR. Combining the latest in suture technology with specific needs for veterinary surgery, it provides a reliable solution for effective wound closure. The Polyglactin 910 material, along with the violet color for enhanced visibility and the specialized FS-1 reverse cutting needle, makes it an indispensable asset in veterinary surgeries, ensuring the highest standards of care for animal patients.

      VILET 452:

      Promotes Quick Healing: The suture material and needle design work together to facilitate quick and effective healing, crucial for the well-being of animal patients.

      Lower Infection Risk: The rapid absorption property of the suture material reduces the risk of infection by minimizing the duration the suture remains in the body.

      Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide range of veterinary surgical applications, making it a versatile and essential tool for veterinary professionals.