Surgistar Micro | Surgical Blade USM6910

$87.00 $79.00

The Surgistar 6910 Microblade is a precise cutting tool by Surgister that is designed for dental surgeries. The Surgistar 6910 Microblade is sometimes referred to as the CK-2 features a blade that is angled 10 degrees. This makes it possible for the dental surgeon to reach surgical sites in the mouth that may be impossible to reach with a straight blade. The fact that it weighs only 0.25 ounces means that the surgeon can perform long procedures without tiring. The strong stainless-steel blade allows the Surgistar 6910 Microblade to withstand the rigors of lengthy procedures.

When it comes to surgical micro blades, you can depend on ProNorth Medical Corporation to give you the best products. Our products are exhaustively tested in laboratories all across Canada to ensure that they meet the highest standards. All our products are approved by health regulators in Canada and in the United States. 

Key Surgistar 6910 Microblade Features

  • Side and full-radius blades for greater effectiveness
  • Easy to use due to strong lightweight build
  • The blades are packaged separately for greater safety
  • Pre-sterilized and so can be used straight out of the box

If you have any questions about the Surgistar 6910 Microblade, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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