• Sharpoint Microsurgery Mini-Crescent Knife 1.25mm
  • Sharpoint Microsurgery Mini-Crescent Knife 1.25mm
  • Sharpoint Microsurgery Mini-Crescent Knife 1.25mm

Sharpoint Microsurgery Mini-Crescent Knife 1.25mm

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Blade Type: Mini-Crescent, Angled

Blade Size: 1.25 mm

Material: High-grade Stainless Steel

Features: Double-beveled edge for smoother and more precise cuts

Packaging: Individually packed for sterility

Sterilization: Pre-sterilized, ready for immediate use

Disposable: Yes, for one-time use to ensure safety and hygiene

Optimized for Microsurgery: Specifically designed for the delicate requirements of microsurgical procedures, offering unparalleled precision.

Enhanced Surgical Performance: The angled blade facilitates easy access to challenging surgical sites, improving operational efficiency and outcomes.

Superior Handling: Ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, allowing for extended use without fatigue, enhancing surgical precision.

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Sharpoint Microsurgery Mini-Crescent Knife 1.25mm


The Sharpoint Microsurgery Mini-Crescent Knife, with its 1.25 mm angled blade, is a breakthrough in microsurgical tools, providing unmatched precision, safety, and ease of use. Ideal for creating self-sealing scleral shelves and minimizing surgical trauma, this knife is a must-have for surgeons seeking to enhance their microsurgical techniques and patient outcomes. Crafted with superior materials and designed with the surgeon's needs in mind, the Sharpoint Mini-Crescent Knife represents the pinnacle of surgical innovation.