6-0 POLYSYN Braided 18" P-3 Needle | G492N


Product Specifications:

  • Suture Size: 6-0 (0.7 Metric)
  • Suture Material: POLYSYN™ (Polyglycolic Acid), Undyed Braided Coated
  • Suture Length: 18" (45cm)
  • Needle Type: P-3, Precision Reverse Cutting
  • Needle Length: 13mm
  • Wound Support: 4 Weeks
  • Sterilization: Ethylene Oxide (EO)
  • Packaging: Each box contains 12 sutures

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Tissue Compatibility: POLYSYN™'s undyed braided coating is meticulously designed to ensure superior biocompatibility, significantly reducing tissue reaction, an advantage in surgeries where minimized inflammation and enhanced healing are crucial.
  • Predictable Absorption Rate: This suture is engineered to offer consistent tensile strength over the critical healing period, then absorb predictably, making it ideal for surgeries where precise wound closure is paramount.
  • Braided for Superior Knot Security: The braided design not only facilitates easy knot tying but also ensures that knots stay securely tied, providing reliable wound support during the crucial phases of healing.
  • Optimized Handling and Control: The suture's coating enhances ease of handling, allowing for smooth passage through tissue while minimizing the potential for tissue drag and trauma.


  • Designed for Delicate Procedures: The fine gauge and precision needle make this suture especially suited for delicate surgical applications, including ophthalmic, microsurgical, and plastic surgeries.
  • Reduced Inflammatory Response: The unique material and coating of POLYSYN™ sutures are chosen to minimize the body's inflammatory response, facilitating a more comfortable and swift healing process.
  • Versatile Surgical Applications: Its exceptional handling characteristics and reliability across a broad range of tissues make it a versatile choice for various medical and dental professionals, including periodontal surgery and soft tissue approximation.


The Sharpoint POLYSYN 6-0 suture with P-3 needle (G492N) embodies a perfect blend of strength, flexibility, and patient comfort. This suture's unique properties make it an essential tool for medical and dental professionals who demand precision, reliability, and optimal patient outcomes in their surgical procedures. Its application is particularly valued in sensitive operations where minimizing tissue reaction and ensuring the integrity of delicate tissues is paramount.

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