SC-5627G | Covidien CAPROSYN Suture, Premium Reverse Cutting, Size 4-0, Needle P-12,


Covidien's CAPROSYN Monofilament Absorbable Suture is a high-quality surgical tool, specially designed with a reverse cutting feature. This suture, colored in a subtle violet, is sized 4-0 and spans 18 inches. It's paired with a P-12 needle, shaped in a 3/8 circle. Every box offers a set of a dozen, identifiable by its MFID: SC-5627G.

CAPROSYN stands out due to its synthetic composition which allows for a speedy absorption within 56 days. Crafted from a sturdy polymer and shaped as a monofilament, it guarantees an effortless penetration through tissues. This ensures optimal tissue binding and ligation and simultaneously reduces the risk of potential infections. As a result, patients typically experience reduced pain during the healing process, fewer complications, and a quicker recovery.

The benefits include:

  • Resilient support for wounds during the pivotal healing phase.
  • Consistent absorption pattern.
  • Superior usability for surgeons.
  • Outstanding knot integrity.

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