SC-5588G | Covidien CAPROSYN Suture, Premium Reverse Cutting, Size 6-0, Violet, 18", Needle P-13, 3/8 Circle.


Covidien's CAPROSYN Monofilament Absorbable Suture (MFID: SC5588G) is a premium product designed for precise surgical applications. This 6-0 size suture, tinted in violet and measuring 18 inches, comes with a P-13 needle, designed in a 3/8 circle reverse cutting format. Each box contains a dozen of these sutures.

What makes CAPROSYN stand out is its rapid absorption rate, completing within 56 days. Crafted from a robust polymer material and built as a monofilament, it ensures a smooth glide through tissues. This design aids in better tissue ligation and approximation while also significantly reducing the risk of infections. Consequently, patients can look forward to a more comfortable healing process, fewer complications, and a swift recovery period.

The suture owes its top-tier qualities to the advanced extrusion technique used on the Polygytone 6211 molecule. This process ensures:

  • Robust wound support during the essential healing phase.
  • A reliable absorption timeline.
  • Superior maneuverability during surgical procedures.
  • Optimal knot stability.

It's crucial to note that CAPROSYN sutures are recommended for general soft tissue ligation and approximation. However, they're not suited for cardiovascular, neurological, micro, or ophthalmic surgeries.

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