• ProNorth Wide Skin Stapler, equipped with 35 staples per unit for quick, effective wound closure with minimal skin reaction.
  • ProNorth Wide Skin Stapler, equipped with 35 staples per unit for quick, effective wound closure with minimal skin reaction.

ProNorth Skin Stapler - Wide, 35 Staples (box of 10)

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Staples per Unit: 35 wide staples

Packaging: Box of 10 Staplers

Approval: FDA, CE approved. Canadian Stock currently available.

Application: Suitable for various types of wound closures across different medical disciplines

Efficient Wound Management: Ensures rapid closure of wounds, minimizing the chance of complications.
Enhanced Healing: Lower skin reaction accelerates the healing process, leading to better patient outcomes.
User-Friendly Design: Single-hand operation enhances ease of use, especially in urgent or complex scenarios.
Hygienic: Contributes to a sterile wound environment, crucial for preventing infection

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ProNorth Skin Stapler - Wide, 35 Staples (box of 10)


    Offers a fast solution for closing wounds, significantly reducing procedure time.

    Designed to cause less skin reaction compared to sutures, facilitating a quicker healing process.

    Engineered for ease of use, allowing for greater flexibility and precision in various medical settings.

    Simplified application process minimizes the risk of infection, promoting a safer wound environment.


The ProNorth Skin Stapler - Wide represents a significant advancement in wound closure technology. Equipped with 35 staples for comprehensive coverage, this tool is designed for rapid, effective wound management with minimal tissue reaction. Its one-hand operation feature allows for unparalleled flexibility in application, making it ideal for fast-paced medical environments. Approved by the FDA and CE, the ProNorth Skin Stapler is a safe, reliable option for healthcare providers. With competitive pricing and a box of 10 units, it's an economically viable choice for medical facilities focused on delivering high-quality patient care while maintaining cost-efficiency.

Maximize Healing Efficiency with ProNorth Wide Skin Stapler

Accelerated Recovery: Promotes faster healing times and reduced downtime for patients, enhancing overall care.

Reliable and Safe: FDA and CE approvals underscore the stapler's safety and effectiveness in clinical use.

Versatile and Flexible: Easy to use in various settings, providing flexibility for medical professionals.

Economical Choice: Offers an affordable wound closure option without compromising on quality or safety.