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5-0 Monopro P-3 | PM463


Our medical equipment catalog caters to the varied requirements of the healthcare industry. ProNorth Medical Corporation provides an optimal experience for patients by offering products that follow rigorous healthcare standards. When dealing with trusted suppliers, high quality can be expected while still retaining the affordability factor. Contact our team for any queries about our goods or services.

Glycolide and -caprolactone are the two primary compounds found in MONOPRO, with glycolide accounting for 75% of the total composition and -caprolactone making up for the balance 25%. This absorbable single synthetic fiber helps promote the temporary healing of wounds until the wound can once again withstand everyday stress. If you are looking for MONOPRO in a color other than beige, there is the dyed MONOPRO in violet.

Key Features of Monopro PM463

  • Extended retention strength.
  • High pliability with excellent handling properties.
  • Violet color provides clearer visibility during surgery.
  • Excellent tensile strength for Reduced Risks of Trauma and Infection due to a Smooth Surface.
  • Progressive loss of tensile strength and absorption of MONOPRO sutures occurs by means of hydrolysis.
  • Excellent knot security and superb handling with superior elasticity.
  • Non-wicking monofilament sutures which help reduce bacterial migration along the suture line.

If you have any questions about the Monopro PM463, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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