• Olsen Hegar Needle Holder with tungsten carbide jaws and integrated scissors, featuring a gold and silver design, isolated on a white background
  • Close-up of the Olsen Hegar Needle Holder's tips with scissors slightly open, highlighting the precision engineering and gold accents.
  • Detailed view of the Olsen Hegar Needle Holder's handle and ratchet closure mechanism, accentuated with gold plating
  • Side view of the Olsen Hegar Needle Holder, showcasing the ergonomic design and textured tungsten carbide jaws for superior grip
  • 4 3/4" Olsen Hegar Needle Holder with Integrated Scissors

4 3/4" Olsen Hegar Needle Holder with Integrated Scissors

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4 3/4" Olsen Hegar Needle Holder with Integrated Scissors



  • Length: 4 ¾ inches (approx. 12 cm)
  • Weight: 21 grams
  • Material: Premium Stainless Steel with Tungsten Carbide (TC) Jaws
  • Features: Integrated Scissors, TC Jaws, Ratchet Closure
  • Jaw Size: 2mm, optimized for 5-0 to 6-0 sutures


  • Dual Functionality: Integrates needle holding and cutting into one efficient instrument, reducing the need for instrument exchanges during procedures.
  • Enhanced Durability: Tungsten carbide jaws significantly increase the instrument's lifespan compared to standard stainless steel.
  • Improved Precision and Grip: The tungsten carbide jaws offer a superior grip on needles, minimizing slippage and improving suturing accuracy.
  • Ergonomic Design: Designed for comfort and precision, the ratchet closure ensures consistent pressure and control during suturing.

Key Features:

  • Integrated scissors for seamless cutting without changing instruments
  • Tungsten carbide jaws for enhanced durability and grip
  • Ratchet closure for precise tension control and ergonomic handling
  • Lightweight design (21 grams) for reduced hand fatigue
  • Specifically suited for suturing with 5-0 to 6-0 sutures, making it ideal for delicate and precise surgical applications
  • Stainless steel construction with gold plating for a balance of functionality and aesthetics

Overview: The 4 3/4" Olsen Hegar Needle Holder with Integrated Scissors is an essential tool for medical professionals seeking efficiency and precision in suturing. By combining two critical functions into one instrument, it streamlines surgical procedures, allowing for faster, more precise work. The tungsten carbide jaws not only extend the life of the instrument but also provide unparalleled grip and accuracy, especially when working with fine sutures. Ergonomically designed and perfectly balanced, this needle holder is a testament to innovation in surgical tools, offering both durability and a refined surgical experience.