ProNorth | Olsen-Hegar Needle Holder 4 1/2"

$239.00 $175.76

When it comes to the ProNorth Olsen Hegar 1-3053 Instruments, you can be certain that you are getting top-notch needle holders. Designed for veterinarian use, the ProNorth Olsen Hegar 1-3053 Instruments feature a tungsten body for durability. Tungsten is also light which means that ProNorth Olsen Hegar 1-3053 Instruments can be used for protracted surgical operations easily. Our ProNorth Olsen Hegar 1-3053 Instruments are also designed to hold sutures in place and to ensure that they don't break the sutures during the surgical process.

Like all products from ProNorth Medical Corporation, the ProNorth Olsen Hegar 1-3053 Instruments are extensively tested to ensure that they are effective. The ring handles are also designed to make it easy for the surgeon’s fingers to grip the instrument while suturing tissue. We offer this excellent veterinarian instrument at a very competitive price. This is in line with our stated objective of ensuring that healthcare professionals in North America can access quality medical instruments cost-effectively.

Key ProNorth Olsen Hegar 1-3053 Instruments Features

  • Comes with a tungsten carbide body for enhanced durability
  • Build material features 100% French steel
  • Extensively tested by independent laboratories
  • Easy to use and sterilize for added hygiene

If you have any questions about the ProNorth Olsen Hegar 1-3053 Instruments, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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