Non-Winged Luxating Elevators (Set of 6)

$429.00 $386.10

Luxating elevators are dental instruments that are used to extract teeth in veterinarian operations. Luxating elevators differ from ordinary elevators in that they have a subtle curve (as opposed to the greater curve in elevators) which allows them to fit in areas that may be hard to reach. The purpose of luxating elevators is to enable the veterinarian to detach roots or even loosen the teeth before using forceps to finish the extraction. When it comes to the GerVet Non-Winged Luxating Elevators (Set of 6), you get top-quality veterinarian instruments that can elevate a tooth without breaking.

You can depend on ProNorth Medical Corporation for the best medical and veterinary equipment. We have stayed true to our original mission which is to provide quality and affordable medical equipment to healthcare workers. We ship our products all over North America so you are guaranteed to get your order in no time.

Key Non-Winged Luxating Elevators (Set of 6) Features

  • Stainless steel allows for easy sterilization
  • Comes as a set of six thus offering excellent value for money
  • Features an ergonomic handle that minimizes the possibility of slipping. 
  • Competitively priced

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