• 2-0 PDM PD0 Monofilament 25m Micro Cassette |  MCD-2/0
  • 2-0 PDM PD0 Monofilament 25m Micro Cassette |  MCD-2/0
  • 2-0 PDM PD0 Monofilament 25m Micro Cassette |  MCD-2/0

2-0 PDM PD0 Monofilament 25m Micro Cassette | MCD-2/0

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Suture Type: Absorbable
Suture Material: Polydioxanone (PDO) Monofilament
Suture Size: 2-0 (USP Size 2-0, Ep 3.0)
Suture Length: 25 meters
Color: Violet
Wound Support: Approximately 6 weeks

Reliable Absorption Profile: Ensures predictable degradation time without leaving residue.

Smooth Tissue Passage: Offers superb handling and ease of use for the surgeon.

Superior Tie-down Knot Security: Maintains integrity and stability of the wound closure.

Bright Violet Color: Enhances visibility for accurate suture placement during surgical procedures.

Improved Retention Strength: Provides sustained support throughout the critical wound healing period.

Non-wicking Monofilament Structure: Reduces the risk of bacterial migration along the suture line.

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization: Ensures sterility and safety for surgical use.

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2-0 PDM PD0 Monofilament 25m Micro Cassette | MCD-2/0


The 2-0 PDO suture in a micro cassette format offers a versatile and reliable option for veterinary surgeries requiring absorbable sutures with extended wound support. Its polydioxanone composition, enhanced visibility, and exceptional handling characteristics make it suitable for a broad range of soft tissue approximation and ligation procedures. This suture is a testament to the commitment to quality and innovation, providing a combination of strength, flexibility, and safety for surgical applications.