• LW Scientific E8C-U8AF-150P E8 Portafuge Fixed-Speed Centrifuge
  • LW Scientific E8C-U8AF-150P E8 Portafuge Fixed-Speed Centrifuge
  • LW Scientific E8C-U8AF-150P E8 Portafuge Fixed-Speed Centrifuge
  • LW Scientific E8C-U8AF-150P E8 Portafuge Fixed-Speed Centrifuge

LW Scientific E8C-U8AF-150P E8 Portafuge Fixed-Speed Centrifuge

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  • Head: Binocular or Trinocular, Inclined 30°, rotates 360° for comfortable viewing.
  • Eyepieces: 10x/18mm wide field eyepieces for expansive viewing fields.
  • Objectives: Option between DIN Achromatic or DIN Plan 4x, 10x, 40xR, 100xR oil objectives for versatile magnification.
  • Stage: Mechanical stage (140mm x 130mm) with coaxial drive controls, offering a range of traverse of 78mm x 50mm for comprehensive specimen examination.
  • Focus: Coarse adjustment with a range of 30mm and fine adjustment with a graduation of 2μm, equipped with a tension control knob for precise focusing.
  • Condenser: Focusable Abbe condenser, NA 1.25, with rack & pinion, optimizing light concentration and contrast.
  • Illumination: 3W Variable LED light source for consistent, eco-friendly lighting, adaptable to varying power sources (100-240V / 50-60Hz).
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty against mechanical defects and 1-year electrical warranty, ensuring long-term reliability.
  • Rotatable Head: Provides versatile viewing angles and collaboration opportunities.
  • High-Definition Optics: Offers exceptional image quality for intricate analyses.
  • Precise Focusing Mechanism: Allows for smooth, accurate adjustments during observations.

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LW Scientific E8C-U8AF-150P E8 Portafuge Fixed-Speed Centrifuge


    Choose between binocular or trinocular heads for diverse observation needs, enhancing user experience and compatibility with digital imaging.


    Equipped with DIN Achromatic or DIN Plan objectives for clear, detailed views of specimens, ensuring accurate diagnostics.

    Features an XY mechanical stage with coaxial drive controls for smooth, precise specimen positioning.

    Utilizes a 3W variable LED light source for bright, energy-efficient lighting, ensuring clear visibility under various conditions.


    The LW Scientific Revelation III Microscope stands out in the field of microscopy, offering unparalleled optical performance and user-friendly features. Tailored for professional environments such as veterinary clinics, medical schools, and physicians' offices, this microscope accommodates varying user preferences with its binocular or trinocular head options and a range of objective lenses. The advanced LED illumination system, precise mechanical stage, and comprehensive warranty make the Revelation III a valuable tool for educators, clinicians, and researchers aiming for precision and efficiency in their work. Equip your laboratory with the Revelation III Microscope and step into a new era of scientific discovery and diagnostic accuracy.

    Experience Clarity and Precision with the Revelation III Microscope from LW Scientific

    Adaptable for Various Applications: Ideal for veterinary practices, medical education, and research facilities.

    Long-Term Investment: Durable construction and comprehensive warranty support ensure years of reliable use.

    Enhanced Diagnostic Accuracy: High-quality optics and user-friendly features contribute to more precise examinations and diagnoses.