6-0 PTFE 18' C-3 | 822B


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Non-absorbent sutures are an important part of any periodontal flap surgery, general surgery, soft tissue approximation, or general surgery. Without such technology, the treating and healing of patients cannot take place in such an efficient manner. At ProNorth Medical Corporation, we want only the best for our customers. This is why we offer LOOK PTFE 822B sutures to medical professionals and surgeons. These sutures are high in quality and manufactured and tested to be extremely effective. They are completely undyed and can provide a level of comfort to patients that cannot be matched by other brands. Surgeons have testified that this product offers great handling features and knot security, which is essential in any open surgery. As such, medical professionals can then focus on doing their job without having to worry about the equipment failing them. 

Another reason that doctors choose LOOK PTFE sutures is that they prevent bacterial wicking into the surgical wounds. This helps to make sure that patients have a higher chance of recovering without infection. 

Key LOOK PTFE 822B Features

  • Great handling features 
  • Close to no package memory 
  • Excellent Knot security 
  • Undyed (white)

If you have any questions about LOOK PTFE 822B, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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