If you are looking for the best sutures in the market today, look no further than ProNorth Medical Corporation. We provide medical supplies and equipment for medical professionals and surgeons in the United states for the most competitive prices. Our Sharpoint G392N sutures are perfect for many kinds or surgical applications such as bone grafting, periodontal flap procedures, and general surgery. These synthetic, absorbent and monofilament sutures are manufactured with a proprietary coating that ensures reduced tissue drag which makes it much easier to handle than other kinds of sutures. Furthermore, they prevent bacterial wicking into surgical sites, making it a much more conducive environment for healing while the wound is closed during the critical wound healing period. 

Furthermore, Sharpoint G392N sutures are extremely soft and supple, providing great comfort to patients. They also retain 48% of the initial strength after 7 days and 0% after 14 days. You would also be glad to note that they come in undyed or violet braided and violet monofilament options. 

Key Sharpoint G392N Features

  • Violet braided, monofilament, and undyed options 
  • Reduced tissue drag
  • Prevents bacterial wicking 
  • Provides secure closure to surgical wounds throughout critical wound healing period

If you have any questions about Sharpoint G392N, do not hesitate to contact us today.