5-0 Plain Gut 18" C-3 | 596B


Here at ProNorth Medical Corporation, we provide plain gut sutures from a variety of reliable brands for the most affordable prices. Our LOOK Plain Gut 596B sutures are made of the highest quality materials and are sure to be perfect for dental procedures that require mass absorption. Plain gut sutures are made from organic biological materials such as natural purified collagen that is largely obtained from bovine and ovine intestines. 

LOOK Plain Gut 596B sutures have extremely high knot-pull tensile strength and great handling characteristics that are suitable for medical professionals. It is also used in a wide range of surgical specialties such as urology and ophthalmology. However, it should be avoided in procedures that require incisions that need to sustain tissues for extended periods of time. Additionally, they are German-engineered and thus have superior sharpness, strength and penetration characteristics that will make suturing a much safer and efficient process. Every needle is made from a proprietary stainless-steel alloy that ensures quality suturing. 

Key LOOK Plain Gut 596B Features

  • Precision polished to a uniform diameter
  • Smooth knotting 
  • Reliable absorption 
  • High tensile strength 
  • Available in both absorbable and non-absorbable materials

If you have any questions about LOOK Plain Gut 596B, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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