Look 1242B | Chromic Gut 3/8 Circle, 12 per Box


LOOK™ Chromic Gut Absorbable Sutures with Precision Reverse Cutting Needles, 3/8 Circle, are twisted, smooth, high quality sutures commonly used in general closure, OB/Gyn, urology, and bowel anastomosis.

LOOK™ Chromic Gut Sutures consistently meet the demands of surgery professionals worldwide. Packaged in dry or in wetting solution, these sutures are characterized by high tensile strength, uniform diameter, and secure knotting. These sutures are equivalent to Ethicon™ Plain/Chromic and  Syneture Plain Gut. Mass absorption varies depending upon type of suture (plain vs. chromic) and site of placement. 

Chromic Gut Sutures are available in various sizes. Available in 12 per box. Size 6-0 is used for larger vessel repair. These sutures feature Precision Reverse Cutting needles, which feature a triangular point with cutting edge on the outer curvature, with extra sharpness. Primarily used in plastic surgery or other delicate procedures. Available in 12 per box. All sutures are packaged in a sterile, double pouch for sterile transfer. 

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