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4-0 Vicryl Undyed Braided 27" FS-2 | J422H (3 doz)


Absorbable sutures are so popular with healthcare professionals because they reduce the amount of hassle and time it takes for them to facilitate the healing process in patients. These sutures can be absorbed safely into the human body without the need for removing them. Here at ProNorth Medical Corporation, we provide all kinds of medical supplies to medical practitioners at the lowest prices in the country. We carry products from many different reliable and trusted brands such as Ethicon. In fact, our Ethicon Vicryl J422H (36 pcs) sutures sell well because of how effective the product is. Vicryl, or polyglactin 910, is a synthetic material that is easily absorbed into the body without any harm caused. The absorption rate is about 56-70 days and its tensile strength can be retained up to 3 weeks after a procedure. The sutures are manufactured so that there is minimal tissue drag, making it very safe for doctors and patients. They are also unidirectional and are anti-bacterial. This helps the healing to be a more efficient process. 

KeyEthicon Vicryl J422H (36 pcs) Features

  • Needle point type: cutting edge reverse 
  • Minimal package memory 
  • Reduced tissue drag
  • Undyed

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