6-0 Vicryl Undyed 27" RB-1 | J212H (3 doz)


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At ProNorth Medical Corporation, we offer medical supplies to meet the needs of healthcare professionals in the United States. We carry many different notable brands for sutures and many other forms of medical equipment. If you are looking for high quality absorbable sutures, look no further than Ethicon Vicryl J212H sutures (36 pcs). These sutures are made from Vicryl, which is Ethicon’s proprietary trademark product. They are also coated with antibacterial agents, lactide and glycolide copolymer, and calcium stearate. 

These sutures are undyed and are fully absorbable. They take approximately 56 to 70 days for full absorption and are a trusted product for medical professionals and surgeons all around the world. They are easy to handle and have minimal tissue drag, making it a lot safer for patients. Its antibacterial coating also means that there is much less chance of bacterial wicking into the surgical site happening. These Vicryl sutures are unidirectional and are made with taper point needles. 

Key Ethicon Vicryl J212H (36 pcs) Features

  • Reduced tissue drag
  • Undyed 
  • Absorption rate: 56-70 days 
  • Easy handling features
  • Needle point type: taper point 

If you have any questions about Ethicon Vicryl J212H (36 pcs), do not hesitate to contact us today.

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