• 7-0 PROLENE Blue 18" P-1 | 8696G
  • 7-0 PROLENE Blue 18" P-1 | 8696G

7-0 PROLENE Blue 18" P-1 | 8696G

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  • Suture Type: Non-absorbable
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Size: 7-0 (0.5 Ph. Eur.)
  • Needle Type: P-1
  • Needle Length: 11mm, Reverse Cutting
  • Suture Length: 18” (45cm)
  • Quantity: 12 per box
  • Color: Blue (for enhanced visibility)
Polypropylene Composition: Known for its exceptional tensile strength, ensuring long-term support in tissue approximation and ligation.
P-1 Needle Design: A small, reverse cutting needle designed for precise entry and minimal tissue trauma, ideal for delicate microsurgical procedures.
Enhanced Visibility: The blue color of the suture enhances visibility against tissue, facilitating more accurate placement.
Non-absorbable Nature: Provides permanent support in tissues, making it suitable for critical applications such as cardiovascular and neurological surgeries.

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7-0 PROLENE Blue 18" P-1 | 8696G


    Constructed from polypropylene, PROLENE sutures are non-absorbable, guaranteeing lasting support where it's needed most.

    Engineered for minimal tissue reaction, PROLENE sutures facilitate smoother healing, reducing the risk of inflammation and ensuring patient comfort.

    PROLENE sutures provide superior tensile strength for critical surgical applications, ensuring long-term reliability without compromising tissue integrity.
  • P-1 NEEDLE

    For microsurgical applications, ensuring accuracy in extremely delicate procedures.


The Ethicon PROLENE 7-0 (8696G) Suture is an elite choice for surgeons requiring the highest standards of precision and durability. Its polypropylene composition and the specially designed P-1 needle offer unparalleled tensile strength and ease of use in delicate microsurgical environments. The suture's blue color and reverse cutting needle design enhance visibility and efficiency, respectively, making it an indispensable tool for procedures that demand the utmost accuracy and reliability.

Minimal Reaction, Maximal Comfort

  • Superior Tissue Control: The P-1 needle allows for exact suture placement, reducing the risk of tissue damage and promoting healing.
  • Durability: Polypropylene material does not degrade over time, maintaining its strength for critical structural support.
  • Reduced Inflammatory Response: Engineered to elicit minimal tissue reaction, ensuring patient comfort and reducing post-operative complications.
  • Versatility: Applicable across a range of surgical disciplines, especially in microsurgery, ophthalmology, and cardiovascular procedures.