4-0 MONOCRYL Violet 18" P-3 Needle | Y464G


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Product Specifications:

  • Suture Type: Absorbable
  • Suture Material: Poliglecaprone 25
  • Suture Size: 4-0 (2.0 metric)
  • Suture Length: 18 inches (45 cm)
  • Needle Type: P-3, cutting edge prime reverse
  • Needle Length: 13 mm
  • Quantity per Box: 12 sutures
  • Color: Violet
  • Absorption Rate: 90-120 days
  • Directionality: Unidirectional
  • Needle Color: Silver

Key Features:

  • Optimal Absorption: Tailored to be absorbed within 90-120 days, matching the healing timeline for most surgical wounds.
  • Visibility Enhancing Color: The violet hue ensures the suture stands out against tissue for precise suturing.
  • Sharp, Durable Needle: The P-3 needle, with its prime reverse cutting edge, is designed for minimal tissue trauma and optimal penetration.
  • MULTIPASS® Needle Technology: Maintains needle sharpness for consistent performance, even after multiple passes.


  • Surgical Precision: Provides surgeons with the confidence of secure knot tying and smooth passage through tissue.
  • Patient Comfort: Poliglecaprone 25 material is known for causing minimal tissue reaction, enhancing patient recovery.
  • Convenience: Packaged in boxes of 12, the sutures meet the needs of various surgical procedures without the need for frequent restocking.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for soft tissue approximation and ligation in a variety of surgical settings.

Overview: Ethicon's 4-0 MONOCRYL® Violet Suture, reference Y464G, with an 18-inch P-3 needle, represents the forefront of suture technology. Combining the fast-absorbing Poliglecaprone 25 material with a vibrant violet color for enhanced visibility, this suture is engineered for superior performance in wound closure. The inclusion of MULTIPASS® needle technology further asserts its value to surgeons seeking precision and reliability in their suturing techniques.

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