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5-0 Monocryl Violet 18" P-3 | Y463G


If you need better seams for surgical stitches, the ProNorth Medical Corporation’s Ethicon Monocryl Sutures Y463G might be what you need.  Monocryl Sutures are an absorbable monofilament synthetic surgical suture prepared from a copolymer of epsilon-caprolactone and glycolide. They are meant for use in ligation and general soft tissue approximation, but only where absorbable material is indicated. While their use as surgical seams is niche, they are essential in the medical field. Be careful not to use them where extended approximation of tissues under stress is needed, or when facing a case of abdominal closure.

ProNorth Medical Corporation has proudly served the medical practitioners of North America since 2011 and recognizes how crucial it is that medical surgeons are provided with the best tools for medical procedures. ProNorth Medical Corporation is eager to supply the Monocryl Sutures that medical practices need.

Key Ethicon Monocryl Surgical Seam Y463G Features

  • Made of high Quality absorbable, violet monofilament
  • Measures 18in. or 45cm in length 
  • Has a size of 5-0 or 1.0 metric
  • Comes with a P-3 13mm 3/8c reverse cutting needle (multipass)
  • Has a dozen sutures in one box

If you have any questions about the Ethicon Monocryl Surgical Suture Y463G, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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