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4-0 Chromic Gut 27" SH-1 | G181H (3 doz)


Are you looking for high quality sutures for open wounds or lacerations? ProNorth Medical Corporation can supply you with what you need to close them. In all of our years of serving the medical professionals of North America, we have noted the importance of reliable sutures being available at a moment’s notice. ProNorth Medical Corporation stocks Ethicon G181H Chromatic Gut Suture that can deal with general soft tissue ligation and be used in all major ophthalmic procedures. It is loved by many surgeons and we are ready to meet their surgical supply needs. 

ProNorth Medical Corporation stocks Ethicon Chromic Gut Sutures G181H that are fine-tuned to be resistant to absorption and will last at least 20 days. These sutures can be relied upon by surgeons to close wounds and better the lives of recovering patients.

Key Chromic Gut Surgical Seam G181H (36pcs) Features

  • High Quality Absorbable Chromic
  • Naturally Brown
  • Measures 27in. in length 
  • Has a size of 4-0
  • Absorption rate of 90 days max
  • Comes with an SH-1 22mm 1/2c taper needle 
  • Has 3 dozen sutures in one box

If you have any questions about the Chromic Gut Surgical Sutures G181H, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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