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5-0 Chromic Gut 27" FS-2 | 634G


If you are looking to get high quality surgical sutures for closing wounds, you have come to the right place. At ProNorth Medical Corporation, we carry chromatic gut sutures 634G that are preferred by experienced surgeons to provide greater resistance to absorption for use in general soft tissue approximation, ligation, as well as ophthalmic procedures. Whatever surgical procedure you plan to use our chromatic gut sutures for, we understand how important it is for surgeons to have the right tools for surgery. ProNorth Medical Corporation is ready to meet your surgical supply needs.

ProNorth Medical Corporation carries Chromic Gut Sutures 634G that are designed and manufactured with both the surgeon and patient in mind. Our Chromatic Gut Sutures are well-known for their ability to ease the stitching process for surgeons and improve overall patient outcomes, proving to be absorbable and easy to thread. 

Key Chromic Surgical Seam 634G Features

  • High Quality Absorbable Chromic
  • Measures 27in. in length 
  • Has a size of 5-0
  • Dyed brown for greater visibility when suturing 
  • Absorption rate of 90 days
  • Includes a FS-2 reverse cutting needle 
  • Has 12 sutures in each box

If you have any questions about the Chromic Surgical Sutures 634G, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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