3-0 MONOCRYL 27" SH Needle | Y416H


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Product Specifications:

  • Suture Type: Absorbable
  • Suture Material: Poliglecaprone 25
  • Suture Size: 3-0 (2.0 metric)
  • Suture Length: 27 inches (68 cm)
  • Needle Type: SH, taper point
  • Needle Length: 26 mm
  • Quantity per Box: 36 sutures
  • Color: Undyed
  • Absorption Rate: 90-120 days
  • Directionality: Unidirectional
  • Needle Color: Silver

Key Features:

  • Extended Suture Length: Offers ample length for various surgical procedures, providing versatility.
  • Rapid Absorption: Designed for effective tissue support with a predictable absorption period of 90-120 days.
  • Natural Appearance: The undyed material maintains a natural look, reducing the visibility of sutures post-operation.
  • Smooth Tissue Interaction: The SH taper point needle facilitates atraumatic passage through tissue, minimizing patient discomfort.


  • Bulk Quantity: A box contains 36 sutures, ideal for high-volume surgical environments.
  • Enhanced Patient Comfort: Poliglecaprone 25 material is known for causing minimal tissue reaction.
  • Reliable Performance: Offers excellent handling and knot security, critical for surgical success.
  • Broad Application: Suitable for a wide range of surgical needs, including soft tissue approximation and ligation.

Overview: Ethicon's 3-0 MONOCRYL® Undyed Suture, marked as Y416H, with a 27-inch SH needle, embodies the pinnacle of surgical suture innovation. Crafted from Poliglecaprone 25, this suture is engineered for optimal performance, combining the benefits of quick absorption with the aesthetics of an undyed finish. With 36 sutures per box, it caters to the demands of busy surgical practices, ensuring a balance between efficiency and patient care.

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