ProNorth Dental Cart - model HV - OIL | "MOST POPULAR" - FREE 10 DAY SHIPPING

$6,695.00 $5,695.00

This dental machine is designed for high volume environment and advanced procedures. *MOST POPULAR*

Each unit is built to order in the USA, and is usually shipped within 10 business days.

*This unit is compatible with a variety of 4-hole handpieces that can be purchased from us or any major distributor.

  • 20” x 15” work surface. It offers plenty of room for easy access to tools and supplies, while it is narrow enough not to be in the way. 
  • Automatic Handpiece selection and simple and intuitive layout. This dental station is operated from a single foot pedal, and it knows when a specific handpiece is picked up.
  • Ultrasonic Scaler with built-in LED illumination. Light automatically turns on when the scaler is in use; this makes a meticulous task of removing tartar much easier, faster, and satisfying. Five scaler tips are included, and additional tips can be purchased from any major distributor. 
  • *High-Speed push/release-type Drill with built-in E-generated LED illumination. Light automatically turns on when the drill is in use, and its self-contained design is more durable than a standard fiber-optic system. Maximum speed --420,000 RPM. Comes with an additional turbine
  • *Low-Speed handpiece (polisher) comes with two attachments: a strait cone (compatible with a verity of polishers) and a Contra Angle built-in E-generated LED illumination. A box of polishing tips is included. *Unique feature:  While lighted handpieces are not a novelty, this dental station is the only one of its kind that offers LED light on a Polisher!
  • Air/Water Syringe with Air, Irrigation, and Mist options. 
  • Suction. It is designed to remove small pockets of water and saliva from oral cavity. It can be used as a standalone feature or in conjunction with drill or scaler. Low suction pressure and self-contained system make it very safe to use on all patients.
  • Oil compressor model Super Silent 50 is available as an option - more quiet than air compressors
  •  Four 2 Liter Distilled Water Reservoirs connected in series for a total of 8 liter capacity! This is the largest capacity of any self-contained dental station currently on the market. This supply will last for multiple procedures, and all reservoirs are equipped with a quick disconnect adapters making them easy to refill. *Unique feature: Having multiple Distilled Water Reservoirs on a dental station is not a unique feature, however, only one of them can be used at a time. Once it runs out, a user has to flip a switch to engage the next one. This dental station eliminates the former; access to the full storage capacity is automatic, and it eliminates frequent interruptions.
  • Auxiliary water connector for a standalone scaler.
  • Minimalistic design with abundance of storage
  • adjustable cart
  • All the handpieces are included, as well as the following accessories: Prophy Polishing Cups (100 ct), extra turbine cartridge for Hi-speed drill, Assorted Scaler Tips (6 ct), Suction Attachments (100 ct) 
  • Three-year Warranty.

Additional features can be added to the Basic setup:

Built-in Oral Irrigation System. This feature adds a 1 liter reservoir that can be filled with an oral disinfectant of choice, and the latter to be used to flush patient’s oral cavity.

Built-in Curing Light and Endodontics-featured Scaler. A resin curing light is hardwired to the dental unit. An Endodontics featured Piezoelectric Scaler with LED Illumination will be installed instead of . This combination is very useful for restorative dental procedures.

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