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6-0 Nylon Black 10" C-17 | 911B


C17 6-0 Bk Mono Nyl 10"/25Cm

This synthetic absorbable monofilament has excellent pliability and handling characteristics. At 7 days it retains 42 – 76% tensile strength, 36 – 52% at 14 days and is essentially absorbed at 90 days. These characteristics make it very popular for subcuticular closure and soft tissue approximation. Available in undyed/clear or violet.


  • Undyed (clear)
  • Dyed (violet)

    In Vivo Strength Retention: 

    • 42-76% at 7 days
    • 36-52% at 14 days

    Mass Absorption:

    • Essentially complete by 90 days

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