5-0 PROLENE Blue 18" PC-1 Needle | 8618G


Product Specifications:

  • Suture Type: Non-Absorbable
  • Suture Material: Polypropylene
  • Suture Size: 5-0 (1.0 metric)
  • Suture Length: 18 inches (45 cm)
  • Needle Type: PC-1, cutting edge prime conventional
  • Needle Length: 13 mm
  • Quantity per Box: 12 sutures
  • Color: Blue
  • Directionality: Unidirectional
  • Needle Color: Silver

Key Features:

  • Synthetic Composition: Crafted from a synthetic polypropylene material known for its durability and inert properties.
  • Monofilament Design: Ensures a smooth passage through tissue, reducing the risk of infection and trauma.
  • Blue for Better Visibility: The blue color enhances visibility against tissue, aiding in accurate suture placement.
  • Precision Needle: Equipped with a PC-1 needle, known for its sharpness and cutting capabilities.


  • Long-term Stability: Since it is non-absorbable, it provides prolonged tissue support where needed.
  • Minimal Tissue Reaction: Polypropylene is less likely to cause inflammatory reactions, ensuring patient comfort.
  • Superior Handling: Known for its ease of handling and secure knotting ability.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a variety of surgical procedures, including cardiovascular, ophthalmic, and neurological operations.

Overview: The PROLENE® 5-0 Polypropylene Suture, designated as 8618G, is a premium choice for surgeons who require reliable, long-term tissue support. Its blue hue and monofilament construction make it a favored selection for its visibility and reduced tissue drag. The incorporation of a PC-1 precision needle ensures clean cuts and efficiency in closure techniques, solidifying its place as a trusted option in surgical sutures.

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