• 5-0 MONOPRO Violet 30" RB-1 Needle | PM303
  • 5-0 MONOPRO Violet 30" RB-1 Needle | PM303
  • 5-0 MONOPRO Violet 30" RB-1 Needle | PM303

5-0 MONOPRO Violet 30" RB-1 Needle | PM303

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Suture Type: Synthetic Absorbable

Suture Material: Monofilament

Suture Size: 5-0 (Metric Size 1.0)

Suture Length: 30 inches (75 cm)

Needle Type: RB-1, Taper Point

Needle Length: 17 mm

Quantity per Box: 12 sutures

Wound Support: 3 Weeks

Extended Retention Strength: Robust wound support is provided during critical healing periods, affirming MONOPRO's exceptional quality.

High Pliability and Handling: Designed for ease of use, ensuring precise knot placement and suture management.

Violet Color Visibility: Enhances operational visibility, facilitating more accurate suture placement.

Smooth Surface: Reduces tissue drag and trauma, promoting more comfortable and effective healing.

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5-0 MONOPRO Violet 30" RB-1 Needle | PM303


    Ideal for suturing soft, easily penetrable tissues, ensuring smooth passage with minimal trauma.

    Experience unwavering reliability with Extended Retention Strength. MONOPRO sutures are engineered to provide consistent tensile strength, delivering the crucial support wounds need during the vital initial weeks of healing.

    Navigate through tissues with unparalleled ease. MONOPRO's Excellent Handling characteristic ensures a frictionless suture passage, enabling surgeons to perform precise suturing techniques effortlessly.

    Never lose sight of your sutures. The distinctive Violet Color of MONOPRO sutures stands out against various tissue backgrounds, enhancing visibility for accurate placement and minimizing the risk of suture misplacement.


 The 5-0 MONOPRO Violet 30" RB-1 Needle, product code PM303, represents the pinnacle of synthetic absorbable sutures in veterinary medicine. By offering advanced wound support with controlled absorption, MONOPRO sets new standards in veterinary surgical care. This suture combines MONOPRO's trademark handling ease and visible precision with an optimal healing trajectory, making it the ideal choice for veterinarians aiming for unmatched surgical outcomes

Achieve Veterinary Surgical Excellence with MONOPRO Sutures

Controlled Absorbability: Temporary wound support with a predictable absorption rate, matching natural healing timelines.

Reduced Risk of Infection: The innovative non-wicking design minimizes bacterial colonization, enhancing patient safety.

Excellent Knot Security: Reliable suturing performance throughout the healing process, underscoring MONOPRO’s commitment to quality.

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