• Image showing the packaging of the 4-0 ViSIPRO™ Polypropylene 30" Suture with FS-2 Needle (F8683), detailing the suture size, material, needle type, and veterinary use indication by Riverpoint Medical.
  • Close-up of the 4-0 ViSIPRO™ Polypropylene Monofilament Suture with FS-2 Needle (F8683) in sterile packaging, emphasizing the pink monofilament suture and precision reverse cutting needle, ready for veterinary surgical application.
  • Photograph featuring the 4-0 ViSIPRO™ Polypropylene 30" FS-2 Needle (F8683) alongside its open sterile packaging, illustrating the suture's specifications and its preparation for use in specialized veterinary surgeries, manufactured by Riverpoint Medical.

4-0 VISIPRO Polypropylene 30" FS-2 Needle | F8683

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Product Name: 4-0 ViSIPRO™ Polypropylene Pink Monofilament Suture with FS-2 Needle

Suture Size: 4-0 (1.5 Metric)

Suture Material: Polypropylene Pink Monofilament

Suture Length: 30" (75cm)

Needle Type: FS-2, Reverse Cutting

Needle Length: 19mm

Wound Support: Non-absorbable, providing long-term wound support

Superior Monofilament Design: Offers excellent handling and minimal tissue drag, reducing the risk of infection and promoting patient comfort.

Enhanced Visibility: The distinctive pink color improves suture visibility against animal tissue, facilitating more accurate suture placement.

Precision Cutting Needle: FS-2 reverse cutting needle is designed for precise penetration and optimal control in delicate surgical procedures.

Durable and Reliable: As a non-absorbable suture, it provides dependable, long-term support for critical healing processes.

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4-0 VISIPRO Polypropylene 30" FS-2 Needle | F8683


    Designed for tougher tissues, offering sharpness and strength for secure, reliable suturing.

    ViSIPRO™'s non-absorbable nature provides durable, long-term wound support, essential for consistent healing outcomes in veterinary practices.

    Equipped with the FSLX reverse cutting needle, designed for deep or hard-to-reach areas, it ensures comprehensive coverage and precision in veterinary surgeries.

    The unique pink coloration of the ViSIPRO™ suture stands out in the surgical field, improving visibility and aiding in the precision of each stitch.


The 4-0 ViSIPRO™ Polypropylene Pink Monofilament Suture with FS-2 Needle (F8683) represents a breakthrough in veterinary suture technology, produced by Riverpoint Medical in Portland, OR. This suture combines the durability of polypropylene with the precision of an FS-2 reverse cutting needle, making it a preferred choice for veterinary surgeons seeking long-term wound support. Its unique pink color and monofilament construction ensure optimal performance and patient outcomes in a wide range of surgical applications.


Reduced Tissue Reaction: Polypropylene material is known for its inert properties, minimizing tissue reaction and enhancing the healing environment.

Versatile Surgical Applications: Ideal for use in a variety of veterinary surgeries, including soft tissue approximation and ligation where non-absorbable sutures are indicated.

Long-Term Support: Offers consistent and reliable wound support over an extended period, critical for surgeries requiring non-absorbable sutures.