4-0 Vilet II Quick Braided 18" C-3 | VGQ386


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If you are still on a lookout for industrial-grade medical instruments and accessories, ProNorth Medical Corporation provides high-quality products at highly attractive prices. All of our products offer optimum user comfort and are in strict compliance with industry safety standards. At ProNorth Medical Corporation, we stay true to our objective which is to help healthcare professionals to lower operational costs and improve patient results. This is made possible through the hard work of our team who actively participates in customer engagement to seek better understanding of daily clinical challenges. By offering healthcare institutions with cost-effective, high-quality medical solutions at affordable prices, any trial can be addressed with ease.

Vilet II Quick is a fast-absorbing synthetic suture that contains polyglycolic acid. It has an absorbable braid which is treated with calcium stearate that is composed of surfactants and lubricants which display waterproof and anti-caking properties. Users can find Vilet Q™ in two different colors which include dyed violet and undyed beige. The Vilet II Quick helps to relieve pressure on the main suture line and reduce the risks of wound dehiscence. Each synthetic suture is produced from layers of polymer strands which are common materials used in soft tissue repair.

Key Features of Vilet II Quick VGQ386

  • Reliable absorption profile.
  • Excellent knot security and tie down.
  • Meets or exceeds the USP & EP requirements.
  • Superb handling—Smooth Tissue Passage.
  • Design to emulate the performance of Gut Sutures.

If you have any questions about the Vilet II Quick VGQ386, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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