4-0 Monopro Violet 36" FS-2 | PM922


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ProNorth Medical Corporation has been proudly serving the medical sector within North America for various branches that include veterinary and dental. Our selection of healthcare supplies is extensive to accommodate the varying needs of medical practitioners. We only source for our inventory from trusted suppliers who deliver top-notch quality at highly reasonable rates. To provide your patients with optimum user experience, work with our professional team today.

MONOPRO is made up of 75% glycolide and 25% caprolactone. It is an absorbable single synthetic fiber that is used for short-term healing of wounds. Upon healing, this copolymer will be absorbed into the body to allow the wound to withstand typical stress on its own. You can find the MONOPRO in either dyed violet or undyed beige.

Key Features of Monopro PM922

  • Extended retention strength.
  • High pliability with excellent handling properties.
  • Violet color provides clearer visibility during surgery.
  • Excellent tensile strength for Reduced Risks of Trauma and Infection due to a Smooth Surface.
  • Progressive loss of tensile strength and absorption of MONOPRO sutures occurs by means of hydrolysis.
  • Excellent knot security and superb handling with superior elasticity.
  • Non-wicking monofilament sutures which help reduce bacterial migration along the suture line.

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