3-0 PROLENE BLUE 1X18" FS-2 | 8665G

  • Brand: PROLENE
  • Suture Size: 3-0
  • Length: 18in
  • Color: BLUE
  • Control: NO
  • Material/Composition: POLYPROPYLENE
  • Category: Wound Closure
  • QTY/BX: 12
  • Absorbability: NON ABSORBABLE
  • Directionality: UNIDIRECTIONAL
  • Pledget: NO
  • Needle Name: FS-2
  • Needle Color: SILVER
  • Needle Length (mm): 19mm
  • Strands Per Pack: 1
  • Pack Strand/Length: 1 x 18in
  • Needle Point Type: CUTTING EDGE REVERSE

Tailored for surgeons who prioritize precision and durability, the 3-0 PROLENE BLUE suture, extending 1x18", stands out in its class. Fabricated from robust POLYPROPYLENE, its non-absorbable nature assures sustained wound support. The FS-2 needle, spanning 19mm and bathed in a distinguished silver, features a cutting edge reverse design, promising minimal tissue disturbance and fluid insertion. Designed for the highest standards of wound closure, every suture ensures steadfastness in every stitch.

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