2-0 Vilet Violet 30" CT-2 | V333


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Vilet is used by the medical industry for a variety of procedures. Depending on the characteristics of the suture, the surgeon’s preference, and the anatomic site, users are able to select from an extensive collection of synthetic sutures for their individual needs. Vilet can easily be absorbed into the body, thanks to its composition of a copolymer that is made up of 10% L-lactide and 90% glycolide. It also has a coating of calcium stearate which is composed of 30:70 glycolide-co-L-lactide poly. By using a vilet, tissue reaction can be minimized with the support of hydrolysis.

Key Features of Vilet V333

  • Complies to or goes beyond the USP & EP requirements.
  • Excellent tie down and knot security.
  • Reliable absorption profile.
  • Superb handling - Smooth Tissue Passage.
  • High tensile strength that lasts through the whole wound healing period.

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