2-0 VILET Violet 30" SH Needle | V317


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  • Suture Size: 2-0 (3.0 Metric)
  • Suture Material: Coated (Polyglactin 910) Violet Braided
  • Suture Length: 30" (75cm)
  • Needle Type: SH, Taper Point
  • Needle Length: 26mm
  • Wound Support: Up to 4 Weeks
  • Sterilization: Ethylene Oxide (EO)
  • Packaging: Box contains 12 individually packaged sutures, marked for Veterinary Use Only
  • Product Code: V317
  • Manufacturer: Riverpoint Medical, Portland, OR, USA

Key Features:

  • Superior Absorption: Engineered for optimal tissue support and absorption within 4 weeks, designed to minimize long-term tissue reactions.
  • Violet Braided Material: Enhances the visibility of the suture in surgical fields, facilitating precision in suturing tasks.
  • Polyglactin 910 Composition: Offers excellent tissue compatibility, reducing inflammation and promoting faster healing.
  • SH Taper Point Needle: Designed for minimal tissue disruption, ensuring a smoother passage through tissue and secure wound closure.


  • Veterinary-Specific Design: Crafted with the unique needs of veterinary surgeries in mind, ensuring high performance in a variety of procedures.
  • Promotes Efficient Healing: The suture material and design work together to support quick and effective healing, essential for animal patient care.
  • Low Infection Risk: The rapid absorption of the suture material decreases the duration foreign materials are present, reducing the potential for infection.
  • Flexible Application: Suitable for a wide range of veterinary surgical procedures, enhancing the toolkit of veterinary professionals.


The 2-0 VILET® Violet Braided Suture with SH Needle (V317) is a high-quality, absorbable suture made specifically for veterinary use. Produced by Riverpoint Medical in Portland, OR, this suture combines the latest in suture technology with the needs of veterinary practitioners, offering a reliable and effective solution for wound closure. The combination of its Polyglactin 910 material, violet color for improved visibility, and the precision of the SH taper point needle, make it an essential component of veterinary surgical practice, ensuring optimal outcomes for animal patients.

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