• Photograph of the 2-0 VILET® Violet 30" Braided Suture with SH Needle (V317) packaging box, detailing the suture size, material, and length on the label, with specific indications for veterinary use, by Riverpoint Medical.
  • Close-up view of the 2-0 VILET® Violet Braided Suture with SH Needle (V317) in its sterile packaging, showcasing the suture size, material, needle type, and sterilization details, ready for veterinary surgical use.
  • Image featuring the 2-0 VILET® Violet 30" SH Needle (V317) box alongside its open sterile packaging, highlighting the product's complete specifications and readiness for use in veterinary surgical procedures, manufactured by Riverpoint Medical.

2-0 VILET Violet 30" SH Needle | V317

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Suture Type: Synthetic Absorbable
Suture Material: Coated Polyglactin 910, Violet Braided
Suture Size: 2-0 (Metric Size 3.0)
Suture Length: 30 inches (75 cm)
Needle Type: SH, Taper Point
Needle Length: 26 mm
Wound Support: Up to 4 Weeks

Optimized Tissue Support: VILET sutures provide an ideal balance of strength and absorption, tailored for veterinary needs, securing their position as America's top veterinary suture.

Enhanced Surgical Visibility: The unique violet braiding improves visibility in surgical settings, aiding precise suture placement and reinforcing its status as a preferred choice among veterinary professionals in the USA.

Polyglactin 910 Enhanced Healing: Specially designed for animal patients, these sutures reduce inflammation and support faster, more comfortable recovery.

Precision SH Needle Design: Developed for gentle yet effective penetration, the SH needle embodies VILET’s commitment to superior surgical outcomes and minimal tissue trauma.

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2-0 VILET Violet 30" SH Needle | V317


    Designed for secure and easy penetration in dense tissues, minimizing trauma with its sharp tip and curved profile.

    Polyglactin 910 composition ensures reduced inflammation and optimal healing, embodying the highest standards for veterinary care.

    Features high-visibility violet braiding, making it the go-to suture for precision in the U.S. veterinary field.

    Renowned for advanced absorption that aligns perfectly with animal healing times.


      The VILET 2-0 Coated Polyglactin 910 Suture 30" with SH Taper Point Needle (V317) is at the forefront of veterinary suture technology, proudly crafted by Riverpoint Medical in Portland, OR. This suture harmonizes advanced material engineering with the practical demands of veterinary medicine, providing a trusted solution for wound closure that emphasizes precision, durability, and biocompatibility. With its unique composition and meticulous design, the VILET line remains the definitive choice for veterinarians aiming for excellence in surgical care and patient recovery, affirming its status as America's #1 trusted veterinary suture.

      VILET Sutures: Revolutionizing Veterinary Healing Across America

      Veterinary Surgical Innovation: Recognized by U.S. veterinarians for its innovative design, VILET ensures optimal performance in various surgical situations.

      Efficient Recovery Promotion: Engineered to enhance the healing process, VILET sutures facilitate quicker recovery times, prioritizing animal comfort and well-being post-surgery.

      Reduced Infection Risk: The rapid absorption rate minimizes the duration foreign materials remain in the body, enhancing safety and health post-operation.

      Versatile in Application: Effective in diverse veterinary surgical contexts, VILET sutures deliver consistent, high-quality results, cementing their role as America's #1 veterinary suture brand.

      Feature Heading for Product Page: "VILET Sutures: Leading Veterinary Healing Innovation in America"