2-0 MONOPRO Violet 36" FS-1 Needle | PM943


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Product Specifications:

  • Suture Type: Absorbable
  • Suture Material: Monofilament (Poliglecaprone 25)
  • Suture Size: 2-0 (metric size 3)
  • Suture Length: 36 inches (90 cm)
  • Needle Type: FS-1, Reverse Cutting
  • Needle Length: 24mm
  • Quantity per Box: 12 sutures
  • Wound Support: Approximately 3 weeks

Key Features:

  • Extended Retention Strength: Ensures reliable tensile strength for durable wound support.
  • Smooth Passage Through Tissue: Its monofilament nature allows for reduced tissue drag and smoother passage.
  • Violet Color: Improves visibility against tissue during surgery for precise suturing.
  • Predictable Absorption: Fully absorbed by hydrolysis within 60 to 90 days without leaving residue.


  • Minimal Tissue Reaction: The suture's composition is designed to minimize acute inflammatory response, facilitating a more comfortable healing process.
  • High Knot Security: Features excellent knot security and elasticity, providing secure wound closure.
  • Non-wicking Design: Helps to minimize the risk of bacterial migration along the suture line, promoting a cleaner healing environment.


The 2-0 MONOPRO Violet 36" FS-1 Needle suture, product reference PM943, is an advanced synthetic absorbable monofilament suture, crafted specifically for veterinary applications requiring dependable wound closure and support. Made from Poliglecaprone 25, it combines durability with superior handling and biocompatibility, ensuring effective use in a variety of surgical contexts.

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